Hi, I'm Kevin. 

I'm a New Orleans native living in Seattle. I won't let you forget about the New Orleans part, either.   

I'm enchanted by all the weird and wonderful things light can do.

As a student of photojournalism, I earned my bachelor's degree from Loyola University New Orleans in 2012. After two photo internships at newspapers in New Orleans and Phoenix, I worked as a wedding photographer during the rest of my college days and after. 

I moved to Washington State in 2013. My husband, Thad, is in the Coast Guard—which has given us many awesome opportunities to see new places around the country, and take time to appreciate the world we too often overlook. I take pictures along the way to ensure I can remember the places where I've felt empowered and humbled by nature.

I love collaborating with clients to make an inkling of an idea become a full-fledged photo shoot. Let's talk about making some great pictures together! I am available for booking headshots, portraits, engagement sessions, weddings, and photography for small businesses. I'm also available for tagging along on cross-country road trips.


Currently I take photos for Eden Hill Restaurant, the creation of Chef Maximillian Petty, in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood.